The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen Supplementation for Sports Performance

Collagen is more than a nutrient that helps our skin look youthful; it’s a nutrient that can make or break an athlete’s ability to perform at peak level. Both age and activity disrupt our body’s natural production of this protein, leading to an increased risk of injury, chronic joint pain and bone weakness. Collagen, in an ingestible supplement form, is a natural, bio-available way for our body to mitigate damage, strengthen ligaments, joints and tendons – potentially enhancing performance and lengthening the life of an athletic career. Gain an strong understanding of how collagen can help keep an active body reap the benefits of this vital nutrient.

Traci Mitchell

Traci Mitchell

Vital Proteins

Traci Danielson Mitchell is a nationally recognized health and wellness expert, and Director of Marketing & Education at Vital Proteins. With over 15 years of marketing experience, primarily in health, wellness and fitness, Traci is also the author of The Belly Burn Plan. Traci frequently speaks on topics including gut health, hormonal balancing and lifestyle balance. She holds an MA in Communication and an MS in Health and Nutrition Education.